Article I

The name of this non-profit organization shall be Gold Coast Bare Skins.

Article II

The purpose of this private club shall be to foster friendship and provide a congenial meeting place for men to enjoy nudism in the privacy of participating members' private residences.

Article III

Membership in this private club shall only be accomplished through sponsorship by an existing member coupled with invitation by the Executive Committee (as defined in Article IV of this Constitution). The Executive Committee has the right to refuse membership to any sponsored prospective member.

Article IV

The Executive Committee shall be comprised of the following positions: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Member-at-Large. These positions are to be filled by members of the Club.

Article V

The term of office for each elected position of the Executive Committee shall be two years. The election of the Executive committee shall be staggered in the following manner: President, Secretary and the Member-at-Large shall be elected in one year with the Vice-President and Treasurer being elected the following year.

Article VI

There shall be at least one general membership business meeting per year at which the primary purpose shall be to elect the members of the Executive Committee. This meeting shall be held in December. Other general membership meetings may be called from time to time as deemed necessary by the President or a majority of the members of the Executive Committee. At any time, a member of the club may request the Executive Committee to call a general membership meeting for a stated purpose, which request the Executive committee shall then immediately vote upon. A meeting shall then be called if three (3) of the five members of the Executive Committee vote in favor of such a meeting.

Article VII

This Constitution may be amended at any time by an affirmative vote of two thirds of the membership attending a duly announced business meeting.



Revised 12/2003