Where and when are the events?

Most members of Bare Skins live in Miami-Dade, Broward or Palm Beach counties. Most activities take place in that area. We have also sponsored weekend guesthouse trips to Key West, and hope to do some other out-of-area trips in the future.

We try to have at least one event per month. All of this depends on someone raising his hand and volunteering to host the event. Maybe you?

We have a dedicated group of volunteers that actually runs the organization, and they are always looking for guys to help out with little tasks. Everyone is asked to do something to help with running this all-volunteer organization, so please consider your special skills and circumstances. Consider this part of your dues.

How do I find out about upcoming events?

All Bare Skins activities are published in Bare Tales, our award-winning club newsletter. The newsletter is sent out to all members. Although activities will be listed on the web site, we won't publish contact information for the events on the Internet, so you really need to be a member to attend an event.

What are the members like?

We have a wide range of ages and interests, from young professional guys in their twenties, to retirees in their later years. The average age is early forties. Any adult male is welcome, provided that they agree to abide by our rules, and feel comfortable in our company.

Isn't this just a sex club?

This is a touchy question for every gay male nudist group. The real answer is that we are a social club, not a sex club. For the published hours of the Bare Skins party, overt sexual activity is prohibited, although hugging, kissing and casual touching are allowed, if it is respectful, and welcomed by the receiver.

We are not prudes, but we don't want to make anyone uncomfortable with sexual activity, or have sexual activity get in the way of people getting to know each other as friends. Unfortunately it's really easy to step over the line of being what you consider being really friendly to being a somewhat unwelcome predator.

Are there any rules?

There are a few common sense rules. They all come down to having respect for your host and fellow members, and being the young gentleman you were raised to be. See Rules.

Do I have to be naked?

Well…yes. (It's kind of the point!) If you have not tried this before, you will get over the shock in about five minutes. Then you get to see everyone else naked!

What should I take to a party?

Getting ready for a Bare Skins party is one of the easiest things in the world. Take a shower, throw on some comfortable clothes and jump in the car. You are not going to be wearing those clothes for long. This is much easier than going to South Beach!

You do need to take the following, however:

  • A towel to sit on (or maybe two if there's a pool or hot-tub)
  • Any alcoholic beverage you wish to consume--beer, wine or liquor
  • The donation for the party
  • The newsletter with the directions
  • A small bag or duffel to put your clothes in (suggested)

Leave your wallet and any valuables in your car, so they don't get "lost".

Do I have to join to attend an event?

We welcome those who would like to attend one party to see how you like it. After one party, however, you must join the club to attend any more activities.

Say no more. How do I join?

Fill out a membership application and send it in, or contact our membership coordinator about attending a function as a guest.